Learning Skills

Learning Myths

  • Quizzing yourself on something you’ve just read is a great example of active learning, the best way to learn.
  • Research shows that deep subject matter expertise is a key element in helping teachers excel.
  • What is helpful is that [the feedback] comes close to when you perform the task, and that it requires you to generate an answer
  • Re-reading and highlighting are particularly ineffective. They’re just passive, and you are just kind of skimming that material.   If you’re preparing for a meeting, you’d be much better off just putting the material away and just asking yourself questions.
  • I think there’s so much stuff out there now that’s like, “Learning’s supposed to be easy, learning’s supposed to be fun!”
  • People underestimate how much they forget, and people who are able to revisit their learning at a regular rate end up learning a lot more.


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