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Before you hire a private math tutor…

Before you spend your hard earned money on a private tutor, first utilize the resources you are already paying for.  To that end, please encourage the student to help themselves.  (That’s what it’s all about, right?)  The lynchpin of my learning philosophy is to “teach a man to fish instead of giving a man a fish.”  Esoteric mathematical skills aside, use this opportunity to push beyond your comfort zone and improve your ability to learn anything.

  1. Print out my chart below
  2. Keep it in your notebook
  3. Try everything at least once.
  4. Hand it in to me

Please attempt every strategy at least once.  Print my chart, put it in your notebook, and check off each one after you do it once.  I think completing the grid within 2 weeks is reasonable.   (Sure, hide it from your friends so they don’t laugh at you.)  The goal here is to “nudge” and evolve your scholarship repertoire when reacting to a complex academic challenge.  Developing these habits will benefit the remainder of your academic career.


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