Practical Advice For Hiring a Math Tutor

  1. Try to hire an experienced classroom teacher.  The perspective gleaned from correcting 1000’s of student exams over the years can not be understated. From this experience, a classroom teacher instinctively knows what mistakes students typically make, and which topics need extra attention.  Classroom teachers are also very familiar with the content and grading styles of NY State standardized tests.
  2. Pair up with a friend for tutoring sessions. 1 tutor. 2 students. You have cut your tutoring expense by 50% while still maintaining a high level of individual attention. Students also may find the session more enjoyable when doing problems with a friend.

I am a certified, tenured, full time faculty member at Somers High School.  I find time for occasional tutoring in Westchester, NY.   I enjoy doing Math problems with motivated students, and it’s a way to keep abreast of what other schools in the area expect from their students.

I only tutor what I have taught in the classroom:

  • Algebra (9th)
  • Geometry (10th)
  • Algebra 2 / Trigonometry (11th)
  • Precalculus (12th)
  • SAT / ACT / SAT 2 (Math: IC & IIC)

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