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Correlation between student grades in Algebra2 vs. Trig

I wanted to examine the correlation between a student’s performance in Algebra 2 and his subsequent performance in Trigonometry.  This provides an opportunity to see if our past course recommendations were sound.  (In this case, the decision to place a student from Algebra 2 into either Trig or a more remedial Math course)   I felt this data might be useful in determining a cut-off score for promotion into the next course.  ie:  Is there a grade threshold in the 1st course that is associated with failure in the 2nd course?

Results:  It’s a small sample size (n=25), but the 3 students who scored under 75 (overall) in Algebra 2 ended up failing Trigonometry.  The r-squared was .24, which can be interpreted as saying that 49% of the variation in the Trig grades were explained by the Algebra 2 grades.

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